Streaming Current Detector and Charge Analyzer

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Product Overview

Streaming Current Meter - Model SCM The Micrometrix Streaming Current Monitor (ie. Streaming Current Detector) is a “state of the art “ coagulant monitoring and control instrument. The SCM features a patented sensor design to provide years of trouble free service. The Micrometrix sensor probe is also “user serviceable”. The user can easily replace a disposable sleeve and piston within the sensor probe to restore accuracy and sensitivity. The benefits of using a Streaming Current Monitor include:

  • Minimize Chemical Costs
  • Prevent Plant Upsets
  • Automate Chemical Feed
  • Early Detection of Chemical Feed Loss


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Particle Charge Analyzer - Model PCA The PCA is a portable lab version of the streaming current monitor for determining optimum dosage and performing quality control. The PCA can be used to determine charge demand by a simple titration technique.  The technique is used in the paper industry for determining cationic/anionic demand measurement and in water treatment for determining coagulant dose.  Results can be obtained much quicker than when compared with traditional jar tests. The benefits of using a Particle Charge Analyzer include:

  • Establish Optimal Dosage
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Replace Jar Tests
  • Minimize Chemical Costs


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