Customer References

Micrometrix Streaming Current Monitor Town of Murphy, NC

Alcon Research Johns Hopkins University UCLA
Arizona State University Laurentian University Univ California San Diego
UAB Louisville Water Company Univ of New Brunswick
BEC Corporation Medical College of Wisconsin University of Alaska
Univ of Alabama Michigan State Univ University of Alberta
Univ of CA Berkeley Millikin University University of Arkansas
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Mount Allison University Univ. of California, Irvine
Biosphere 2 Center, Inc. New England Photoconductor University of Illinois
BSLC -Univ of Chicago Nanopowder Enterprises Inc Kemira
California State Unv Fullerton NC State University University of Washington
Carleton University University of New Hampshire Univ of Western Ontario
Cascades R&D New York University University of Wisconsin
Case Western Reserve Univ MIT Univ. of Iowa
City of Chicago Paprican Univ. of Kansas
College of Charleston Pennsylvania State University Universite Laval
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Qubit Systems, Inc University of Connecticut
Dow USA Salem State College University of Maine
Duke University Saskatchewan Research Council University of Southern CA
Dupont Canada, Inc. USC
FACETS Productions, Inc. Scripps Research Institute UT Southwestern
Fisher Scientific Shoaf Scientific Consultants Utah State University
GlaxoSmithKline Smithsonian Institution Washington University
Hercules Incorporated Sonus Pharmaceuticals, Inc Willamette University
James Madison University Univ of New Mexico Yale University