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Particle Charge Analyzer

Streaming Current Instrument training title slideLike-charged particles repel with depictioncoagulant definition and usesneutral particles flocculate depictionflow chart of adding coagulant and its effect on particleslist of common coagulantsSCM charge measurement, ionic and colloidalsummary of particle charge and stability rulesdouble layer model of ions around a charged colloid with pictureexplanation of the double layergraph of stabilized colloidsgraph of a destabilized colloid systemlist of names for streaming current devices or instrumentslist of applications for streaming current metersbackground information on drinking water treatmentSCM vs NTU graphparts identification on the streaming current sensorstationary piston depictionpiston upstroke depictionflow chart of water treatment plantpreventing plant upsets to maintain water quality graphlist of factors affecting operationlist of chemical factorscontinued list of chemical factorsSCM's importance in response timecontinued list of SCM's importance in response timesample point instructionsfactors affecting chemical dosageinformation about the flow rateinformation about coagulant strength detectionSCM reading on solids concentrationinformation about the pH and its effectsHow the SCM can measure particle chargeinformation about the SCM's signal offsetlist of other factors contributing to the SCM readinginstructions for SCM installationcommon operational difficultiesrecommendations for successful operationsdetermining the proper set pointcommon maintenance and troubleshootingcontact information